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From: Dr. Bruce Williams
Date: 2001-02-24 19:24:00 UTC
Subject: Dr. Williams on the FHL (Was Re: Digest Number 7)

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., JTRADFORD@w... wrote:
> Excuse me,everyone......BUT.........Did I just have a DR Williams
> "sighting??"
> Probably just another "senior moment" awwwwwww,darn!!!!!!
> Hey! Welcome!!! Hope you will "pop in" often, we need you!!! (BAD!!)
> Love,
> Tara

Yes, Tara, I have joined the staff of the Ferret Health List. The
moderators of this list are Chris Bennett (also the list owner),
Sukie Crandall, Mike Janke, and myself, so I will be doing more than
just "popping in".

Sukie, Mike and Chris are well recognized in the ferret community for
their experience and insightful comments on many common ferret health
issues, and I am confident that they will do an outstanding job on
many of the routine health questions that occur on ferret lists.
Hopefully, this will allow me to concentrate a bit more on the more
unique questions and "uncharted territory" that the list will
occasionally delve into, I am sure.

You will also see much of the information from this list on other
boards, and some cross-posts from other lists appear on the FHL. We
strongly believe that good medical inforamtion should have the widest
dissemination, so look for FHL discussions on some of your other
lists. We have no problem with anyone disseminating info from the
FHL, however, please acknowledge where it came from, so others
viewing it for the first time can subscribe to the FHL if they so

We also are currently inviting a number of other ferret medical
experts to join the list, so I am hopeful that interesting discourse
between vets, nutritionists, and other professionals will also be a
recurring theme on this list.

The key to the FHL, however, and a primary concern in the minds of
its moderators, is that the FHL remain a list which is free of the
political agendas and interpersonal wrangling that is currently on
the increase in so many areas of the online ferret community.

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM

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