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From: Tamara Stanton
Date: 2001-03-13 14:43:00 UTC
Subject: Ferret having urinary challenges

Greetings FHL--
Hopefully the collection of talent and brains on this
list can help our newly adopted boy, Hobbes, with a
little problem that he's been having.

First, an intro: We adopted Hobbes about 3 or 4 weeks
ago from a local shelter. The shelter mom guessed his
age to be 4-5, but possibly younger because he was fed
primarily duck soup and no kibble. We took him to the
vet for rabies shot and general check up the week
after we got him (more on that later).

Second, our first urinary challenge with him: Hobbes
immediately took to urinating in small amounts in a
number of places around the room. It didn't appear
that he was having problems urinating or that he was
in any pain (he drinks more water than any other
ferret I've ever seen and is eating us out of house
and home!). We took him to the vet (very, very ferret
knowledgable) for the general check up but also for
fear of adrenal (shelter mom mentioned that peeing
like that may be a sign of adrenal). Our vet
thoroughly checked him out with this problem in mind,
and mentioned that the adrenals didn't feel enlarged
but perhaps he had some kind of infection, so we're on
Clavamox. It's been over a week and there has been no
change in behavior (it's very odd; he doesn't just go
in corners...he even goes on the bottom shelf of the
bookcase! [which we have to keep empty because we have
a book-eating ferret]).

Third, our second urinary challenge: This morning, I
noticed him drinking his own urine from a small pool
on the floor. He may have been doing this for some
time, but this was the first time I noticed. I checked
the FML archives for guidance, but only came up with 3
conclusions: 1, this happens to many ferrets, usually
male; 2, at least one person thinks that it may be a
sign of diabetes (MAJOR concern because we give
nutrical as a treat); and 3, at least one person
thinks that it may be a sign of adrenal.

Fourth, our vet challenge: Unless an emergency, is
temporarily unavailable. We can definitely see him if
we decide that this is, in fact, an we
are looking to this collective for guidance.

In case it matters, he is fairly lethargic in general
and a BIG boy; weighed in at about 4 pounds if I
remember right (this is big for us, where our average
is 2 1/2). He is fed Totally Ferret. Poops are normal
(but huge!).

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Tamara, Jeff (and Ginger, Moonshine, Penny, Jack,
Sierra, and Hobbes)

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