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From: M.Jo
Date: 2001-03-13 20:16:00 UTC
Subject: re:Phoenix cryosurgery vet??


The Tucson Ferret Friends Shelter is trying to get Dr. Weiss to come
out to teach the vets in Tucson interested in this proceedure. Maybe
you can
have your vet in Phoenix, or several of them, get in touch with the
shelter, Ferret Friends, Ginny Childs, Pres., or the two vets (Dr. Van
Erven or Dr. Moorehouse) who are trying to arrange this and they can
also sit in,
if it all works out. We are hoping to get this going soon.

I took one of my ferrets up to Santa Fe when Dr. Michael Treitler
hosted Dr. Charles Weiss and Dr. Weiss did around 18 on Sat. and Sun.,
demonstrating to any vets that wanted to learn the proceedure. My Bilbo
now has had a double adrenalectomy and is doing fantastic! His recovery
time was out of this world. Was eating two hours after waking up and he
"ran" all the way home in his carrier (about an 7-1/2 hr. drive).

mjo and the zoo, Lady Star, Topanga, Ragine, Bilbo, Frodo, Frito,
Pepper, Caesar, Frosty, and Sassy and the dogs Garth and Darwin (R.I.P.
Nipper, Lightning, EZ, Cleo, Phantom, and Duke)