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From: katharine
Date: 2001-03-13 20:11:00 UTC
Subject: Serax for Appetite Stimulation

Champ (renal failure) is still not eating on his
own. He still only eats soup while in my lap, no
kibble. I stopped by the vets' office today to
get more fluids and caught his Doc. Dr. F
prescribed Serax 10mg to try to stimulate his
appetite. He said to open the capsule, give him
1/20-1/10 of the powder (a little mixed in a
little soup) and see if that would stimulate his
appetite. Dr. F said that if I gave him a little
too much powder, it would just make him sleepy.
One of his office workers was standing there and
said it was a miracle drug for her cat who quit
eating. She said that within 20 minutes her cat
was pigging out and within 5-6 days, she was able
to discontinue the drug.

In reading about it in my PDR, it sounds
relatively safe. It is primarily for "mild to
moderate anxiety, with associated tension,
irritability, agitation, or related symptoms of
functional origin or secondary to organic
disease." Any comments?