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Date: 2001-03-13 22:07:00 UTC
Subject: Adrenals

One of my boys had some diffuse hair loss, chronic diarrhea lasting for
months, ear sucking on one ferret in particular, and excessive drinking and
urinating. Adrenal tumor attached to his pancreas and liver. Another had a
bit of sexual aggression, territory marking and excessive drinking and
urinating--flooded the litter box. Adrenal, altho it wasn't found until the
day before he died. A third boy had excessive urinating only. Uncomplicated
adrenal. I have also noticed that the females I've had with adrenal problems
did not have the polydipsia and polyuria. I think the Ferret Central has in
it somewhere that polydipsia and polyuria can be indicative of adrenal
problems, but don't know the exact author of that info.

As far as a person not letting a vet do an adrenalectomy just because they've
never done one before, how else is one going to learn but by doing one? In
the previous town I lived in, the vet had no previous experience with ferrets
save vaccinations. I started working for him with six ferrets, all of whom
had one bizarre problem after another. He was willing to learn, to do
research, and was not afraid to try something new, but not overconfident. He
is now the vet that others in that area refer to when in doubt. I've
recently moved and am having to "train" a new vet. So far he's done his
first adrenalectomy, his first ferret nephrectomy, his first spay and neuter.
Soon, he will be "The Ferret Doctor". :o)