Message Number: YG1249 | New FHL Archives Search
From: Mir Chong
Date: 2001-03-14 08:58:00 UTC
Subject: Hello-new person (and ferret )here

Hello to all. My name is Mir and my ferret's name is C. Emily
Play. (We just call her Emily for short) Emily was diagnosed
yesterday with adrenal tumors and because of her advanced age, our
vet doesn't want to use any medications or even attempt surgery.
(Emily is almost eight years old) I want to make my little girl's
final months with us as comfortable as possible and would welcome
any suggestions anyone might have. Emily is most likely the last
ferret I will ever share my life with,sadly. At one point my home
was brimming with "weezuls", as my son calls them, but one by one
the little ones passed away and now we only have Emily. I do miss
the pitter patter and chuffling. I thank you all in advance for any
advice you might be able to give and I look forward to being part of
this group. Sincerely, Mir

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