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From: Tamara Stanton
Date: 2001-03-14 09:17:00 UTC
Subject: Hobbes' Urinary Challenges Cont. & 2 add. questions

Thanks to all who responded regarding Hobbes' urinary
challenges! Two additional questions: 1. How can you
tell if a ferret's prostrate is enlarged (this is
probably a stupid question and if the answer is
something simple like "lift up the ferret's skirt and
look, I'll feel pretty dumb!!); and 2. (esp. for Dr.
Williams:) Does this sound like an emergency that
requires *immediate* adrenal surgery? Our vet can do
surgery really no earlier than the end of next week,
but if it is an emergency, he may be able to do it

Our vet did mention that if Hobbes didn't respond to
the Clavamox, then we were likely looking at adrenal
even though neither adrenal felt enlarged. I found it
interesting, Donna, that yours didn't have any hair
loss either...our previous adrenal ferrets (2) had
obvious hair loss at the base of the tail, and when
the shelter mom told us that the urinary problems
might be a sign of adrenal, I was surprised. Hobbes
(and his cagemate from the same rescue) has the
thickest, softest fur! I *never* would have suspeted
adrenal. As I mentioned, Hobbes drinks a lot as well,
but I'm not as sure that he's straining (I don't
really know what a ferret who is straining would look
like, frankly...all of ours concentrate pretty hard
when doing their business!)

Thanks again!

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