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From: Valkyrie
Date: 2001-03-14 09:31:00 UTC
Subject: New to the list

I've been subscribed to *the other list* for quite some time.
However, over the last year and a half I haven't had much time to
read it. The other day I took a look and WOW things had changed.
From another member I found out about this list and I just *had* to

Sept. '99 I started a two year Veterinary Technician program. Well,
next week are this quarter's finals and then after a week and half
vacation I start my externship for 10 weeks (3 clinics/hospitals for 3
weeks and 1 day per clinic) After that I take the national boards on
June 15th.

I have two ferrets. Caesar and Lilith. I've had Caesar since Nov.
'97 and Lily was a rescue that I've had for about a year now.
They've been my little "props" for a few class assignments.
I've not learned as much about ferrets thoughout the course as I'd
like but I was encouraged to research and learn as much as I could
on my own and drain the brains of the two veterinarians that teach
the program.

Over the past month I've been learning about "BARF". I have 3
wolfdogs, a border collie and shep/rott mix that I have been barfing
and two cats, a DSH and a DLH, that I will start on the diet when I
learn a bit more about their requirements. I also am interested in
learning about a natural diet for the ferts.

I've discovered my passion within my chosen career. Nutrition and
Holistic medicine.... not just for canines or felines or mustelids, but
for all 3. Shouldn't be a surprise, for over 20 years I've immersed
myself in "alternative" human medicine and nutrition ( I don't look it
though!!) It was just something that *fit* for me.

So here I am. I'll likely be simply reading posts and learning and
posting questions pertaining to ferret health and nutrition. There
just seems to be a few vetmed professionals on this list and I am
confident there wouldn't be much for me to contribute for quite
some we've said in the clinic to our vets....*jokingly*
"What do we know, we're just lowly techs?"

Looking forward to the onslaught of posts.
Be well

"Health is a journey, not a destination" - Deepak Chopra