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Date: 2001-03-14 12:59:00 UTC
Subject: Ferrets

Dera Geoffrey:

The scar that you are seeing is an area of tissue death, probably as a
result of torn vessels from the pinch.

That tissue will die, fall off, and will be replaced by scar tissue, which
will eventually contract, resulting in an ever decreasing scar. It will
look bad for a while, but the body will slough some, clean up the rest, and
he should be good as new. It is likely that what follows the scab will be
bright pink tissue, which we call granulation tissue - it has a high content
of bloodvessles, inflammatory cells to assist with the clian up, and large
numbers of fibroblasts to scar the scar formation. It may look alarming, but
it is a sign of a healthy wound.

As he is eating and moving well, I think he should be just fine.

Don't stress out - he's obviously not!

With kindest regards,

Bruce Williams, DVM, DACVP
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Hello Dr. Williams. My ferret was in an accident just about a week ago.
He sustained damage about his groin area from a heavy pinch from a
spring in a box spring (mattress). There was tissue damage. He now has a
bedsore looking scar? in that area. Is the tissue going to re-build
itself when he licks it all day? I suspect that this is just the dead
tissue "falling away." However, it does look bad. He is on Clavamox
drops and looks good. He is ambulatory, eating, and doing generally
well. Should I be as stressed as I am? Will the tissue re-generate?
Thank you.
Geoffrey Miller
M.A.T student, Cameron University