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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-14 13:42:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Snowy and Missy ferret updates

Thank you for those who responded about my boys eyelid tumor- honestly I
was thinking it was no big deal, kind of like a stye or something in
humans. Anyway, thanks to this list I had it removed today, under the
eyelid it was much bigger then it appeared. Only some was excised, the
rest cauterized do to location and difficulty in removal, and I am hoping
it is benign. Yes, Dr. WIlliams it is on it's way to you now. I had my
husband bring it to the post office, he asked me what was in the bottle ,
I said" A peice of the eyelid growth from Snowy". He says " His eye is
in here!" Now, isn't that a typical male- not listening!!LOL I hope he
doesn't tell the post office it is an eye!

My little girl I posted about on the FML, and FAIML- the one with the
Insulinoma and severe anemia (first report hct 10- seems to be a lab
error, true hct around 28). SHe is on Epogen shots 3x/ week and seems not
to notice while she eats her baby food, I warm the solution up by rubbing
it between my hands while it is in the syringe, give the shot! She
doesn't even flinch- Thanks Dr. Karen for that advice.

After 3 weeks of pred and 2 weeks of epogen she is still sleeping all
the time, just gets up to eat, drink, and use the litter box. Normal
stools. Her blood sugar by glucometer was 76 mg/dl last week, at night
before her prednisone. And was 66 this am- just woke her up. If she
does walk around she is staying to the sides of the room, and real slow-
I do believe she can't see very well- when I put the bottle of ferretone
or baby food by her- she doesn't notice unless i touch it to her nose.
She never seems in pain (except for that damn person sticking her once a
week!), no noted staring spells, or seizures.

How long to see a response to the pred? I am giving her 1.25mg (2mg/kg)
at night, but someone posted here that twice a day dosing works better,
so starting today I will divide the dose to give it twice daily.
ANy other suggestions? Increase pred, start Proglycem (?sp), or the
inactivity is from something else??
I go back in a month to check the CBC again, and will do the glucose at
home once a week- and as needed.

Thank you,

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