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From: Petersen
Date: 2001-03-14 17:47:00 UTC
Subject: Anesthetic Question

I just found out that one of the local vets that we've been using for
surgeries uses Telazol for an anesthetic. I'm not sure if he uses this
exclusively, or in conjunction with isofluorane (spelling?). Our regular
vet (who's very good, just doesn't do the more complicated surgeries) said
that Telazol is a hallucinogenic. We have noticed that the ferrets who
have surgery with the first vet (Dr. X) seem to take longer to come out of
the anesthetic and have a longer recovery time from surgery than other
ferrets with similar medical conditions who have had surgery with Dr. Y or
Dr. Z, both of whom use iso.

Dr. Williams or other vets, any comments on this? Dr. X is very
experienced with ferrets and is giving us a HUGE discount, but I would
prefer not to use him if Telazol is contraindicated for ferrets.

Sara Petersen