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From: Amy and Jim Robbin
Date: 2001-03-14 19:03:00 UTC
Subject: behavior question -- poofing

Hi folks. I have a strange behavior going on in my home
(other than mine). I have a 9 month old, deaf, panda boy,
about 3.5 pounds (Gus). He still has his scent glands and
occasionally lets us know. In December we introduced a
petite, vocal, antisocial little panda girl, she's 1.5 years
old and hardly weighs more than a pound (Teeker-Squeeker).

Anyway, I've been catching Gus sitting on Teekie and poofing
on the poor girl. The monster is dooking the whole time
(reminds me of growing up with two older brothers). Is this a
marking behavior or dominance.