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Date: 2001-03-14 19:33:00 UTC
Subject: Serax for appetite stimulation

Not familiar with that particular drug...
However...there is another one that
am familiar with ....used last year when
we had some very sick fuzzies and needed to get them eating on their own
and fast....It's called CYPROHEPTADINE
and is also a drug used for cats but can
be used short term in comes
in 4 mg tablets which you cut into quarters and give 1/4 in the am and
1/4 in the pm
within 2 days the kids were pretty much
eating on their own with the exception
of one fuzzie....Have recommended to
other friends that have also used with
very good results!
Hope this info might help some
Joyce and the kids
BTW we just used a pill splitter that
has a pill crusher on the other end..
ground into a powder and mixed with
just a dollop of nutrical and they will
lick right off finger...don't think it has
much of a taste to it...ALL of the kids
took it with no problem