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Date: 2001-03-14 20:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: bottled water

we have a pur water filter attached to our kitchen faucet and use
it for all potable water needs of our entire household interspecies
menagerie, including ice. we bottle it to bring with us when we
travel, or sometimes if we're going to be gone more than overnight, we
just detach it and bring it with us. if i can taste the difference
between water sources, i'm pretty sure my babies can, some water
sources have a pretty nasty taste, tap water in texas was about the
worst i'd ever tasted without the filter.-

there was an anecdotal story in a ferret magazine last year about some
guy who changed from filtered to nonfiltered water when he moved, and
within 6 months supposedly half his ferrets had insulinomas and
adrenal disease.-who knows if the change in water source was actually
the causitive agent...

i just figure if i'm not willing to compromise my health to drink
regular tap water, i'm certainly not going to risk anyone else's.

In Ferret-Health-list@y..., MC <mustangcharlie@i...> wrote:
> Hello...
> A few things to take into consideration about bottled water.
> 1. The first is that most communities in the United States, have no
regulations regarding bottled water, other than sanitation. I have
read reports here and there that have exposed even the most well known
bottled water suppliers with just using tap water. If you are
traveling, you gain nothing if you by bottled water from one of these
> never will know if youhave!
> 2. Most bottled water enterprises only filter tap water, to remove
chemicals and taste.
> 3. Some bottled water plants use distilled water in everything, no
matter the is cheaper in the long run for them to do
this...and no harm is would be getting 'pure' water.
> Breaking this down, obviously, the first is a rip off....won't go
into that one..
> The second. You can buy very good filter systems for your home that
will cost as little as 4 or 5 bottles of water. Filter your own
water. Here is the important one for your fuzzies.....they have
portable filters available. Buy one of those and don't be bothered
with carting '8 pounds per gallon' water around for you fuzzy! Filter
yours as you
> go....
> On the third issue....distilled water or most artesian well water is
mineral free. Great for car batteries and steam irons, for a
living benefit. It is the minerals in water that quench the
thirst response. Think back to the last time you drank from a true
artesian was cold, but it wasn't refreshing. If you give
> fuzzies distilled water or artesian spring water, they will just
drink and drink and drink, ad infinitum.
> So...Years ago, I decided to not bother with carting water with fuzzies do quite well on everyone's water. If you are
concerned, buy a portable water filter, it only weighs in at 10 ounces
and stores in the glove compartment!
> For our ferrets.
> MC
> Moxie wrote:
> > I've used bottled water for years, figuring when we travel, it is
> > to bring your own water. Any reason why bottled spring water
should not
> > be used?
> >
> > Moxie and Chance