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Date: 2001-03-14 21:40:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Hobbes' Urinary Challenges - 2


In answer to question no. 1 regarding checking for an enlarged
prostate gland, actually, it was a matter of lifting up Rusty's skirt
-- although I'll have to admit, because I'm not a vet person, all four
boys had to lift up their skirts so I could compare and note any
differences. (The fur-type boys -- the human type were all hiding
from me!) Seriously, I could feel a difference and hopefully if it
ever happens again I would be able to recognize it right away.

As for the straining when doing his business, yes, Rusty is pretty
serious as well. Once I noticed how often he was hitting the litter
boxes, I started getting a little nosy about what he was leaving
behind and that's when I found out he was just leaving a drop or two
of urine each time. Poor guy, nothing is sacred around here.

Again, keeping in mind I'm not a vet person, just very interested in
what goes in and what comes out of these guys, Rusty had surgery about
a week and a half after he was diagnosed as I wanted it done on a
Friday so I could be home over the weekend with him after surgery.
The vet said it wasn't a problem in his case as long as he was able to
urinate. (And God knows, I am becoming an expert at keeping track of
what comes out around here.)

Good luck with Hobbes.