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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-14 22:04:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] Re: bottled water

"there was an anecdotal story in a ferret magazine last year about some
guy who changed from filtered to nonfiltered water when he moved, and
within 6 months supposedly half his ferrets had insulinomas and
adrenal disease.-who knows if the change in water source was actually
the causitive agent...

i just figure if i'm not willing to compromise my health to drink
regular tap water, i'm certainly not going to risk anyone else's. "

I think 6 months is pretty fast and to get both types of cancers! All of
mine would have shown these diseases by now, because it has been years on
the tap water. I think that whenever there is a cluster of increased
cancers in people that all possible sources need to be looked into. It
is never a simple matter of just the water, the power lines, etc. I just
don't want to cause a panic as everyone runs out to buy the filter,
and/or bottled water. Please keep in mind that when an event like this is
told that we do not have all the facts, details are missing,etc. For
example, maybe he had two ferrets and one was 9 years old. That would
change the story, or had 15 ferrets and all were young,etc. We are all
familar with those urban legends that are e-mailed to us- forward to
everyone you know... it is hard to verify facts, and difficult to even
draw conclusions.
Also, the filters in the filtered water need to be changed frequently,
and they do not filter out giardia, for example, you need a very
expensive filter system with certain specs on the size of micron
particles it filters to really do a good job. (I am quoting from a
lecture I attended about immunocompromised children at risk for giardia).

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