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From: Tammy & Michael
Date: 2001-03-15 00:10:00 UTC
Subject: Green poops

Dooks all-
OK, here's the situation:

I've got a surrendered pair (Milly 3.5 yrs. & Pookie 2.5 yrs.)
that was going to go to a new home tomorrow. But, when I
cleaned the cage today, I found--in the bedding, no less--a
puddle, not pile, of green slime. Didn't know which of the
two it was and was pretty sure it was just those two. Well,
cleaned out the "native's" cage and found a pretty well formed
but neon green poop where the litter pan should have
been--before they moved it, that is. All 4 in that cage are
acting fine, eating /drinking/playing normal (just ask the cat
:). Gave everyone a small amount of FerretVite (pea sized),
except for Milly. She barely touched her tongue to it, shook
her head a few times, and went and buried her head under the
paper on the bottom of the cage, retching and gagging. I've
separated them, Milly in one cage, Pookie in another. Pookie
seems fine, is eating/drinking/playing like the 4 "natives",
and took her portion of FerretVite with no problem--except she
wanted more. I put fresh water in the cage with Milly and I
don't think she has stopped drinking for 5 minutes straight!
She sniffed at the food, but won't eat it, just keeps going
back to the water bowl. Now when I saw the green slime (and
it was pure liquid, no solids), my first thought was ECE.
Will be taking Milly to the vet tomorrow regardless, but would
like some input from the sources here to give the vet
something to chew on. Anyone? Thanks...
Tammy & The Crew
War Dance Haven
Ferret Shelter & Rescue

Trying to explain ferret math to a non
ferret owner is like trying to explain physics
to a 3 year old.