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From: steve austin
Date: 2001-03-15 01:14:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Calibrating the glucometer

Have you calibarated your glucometer against a normal ferret's

With kindest regards,

Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP

No, I just did the control that comes with the machine. If I
do a blood sugar on a "normal" ferret, would the results just
be to see that the machine gives me a normal value using
ferret blood? I certainly wouldn't know how accurate it was
unless I took the same sample to run on my machine and ran it
at a lab too. I also think the machine is for capillary
blood, and I am using venous, don't know if that makes much

I never thought about ferret blood being different enough from
human that the machine may be off. I will go make another
ferret mad at me and see what results I get- either I will get
a normal value, or panic and find another ferret with
suspected insulinoma! Ever feel like sometimes it is better to
leave well enough alone-

As far as the eyesight, anyone have any good advice for
telling if the ferret is blind, and helping her to have a
better time out of the cage? I know someone posted to the FML
once about using vanilla to leave scents on the corner of the
walls,etc. I was wondering what else I could do.