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Date: 2001-03-15 04:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re: New Ferret/Keizo

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> 1~He refuses anything but cat food, no treats, nothing, how do
> I change his ways?

Having leared the hard way that cat food isn't terribly good for
ferrets, (it has too much of certain wrong stuff and caused urinary
problems), I'd check him for signs of urine burn and consult with
your vet if you see any.

Urine burn or not, I'd gradually, very slowly, wean him off the
straight cat food and get him at least partially on a good ferret
food. I've used Marshall and Zupreem, with good results. Fifi Le
Pieu will eat almost frightening amounts of Marshall (with no weight
gain) and Zupreem (in more reasonable amounts). A side effect of
Marshall food is that your baby will tend to smell a bit stronger,
and should your baby be a kibble-dipper, old, wet, Marshall food
smells like an unchanged litterbox. (Come to think of it, fresh
Marshall food doesn't smell too nice either!)

With regard to treats, as your baby gets to know you better, he'll
undoubtedly take a liking to SOMETHING as a treat, and he'll make his
wants known. I've had ferrets beg for raisins, melons, potatoes,
cereal, beans, and even fresh bread. Codyweasel was an absolute
junky for red licorice, and Fifiweasel is known for crawling out of
my shirt and trying to get to the butter on my bagel. Not all of
that stuff is good for your baby, so check in here or with a ferret-
knowledgeable vet before giving in to the begging!

Dooks to all!

(the monster who won't let Fifi dig at the carpet)