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Date: 2001-03-15 15:16:00 UTC
Subject: broccoli

hi friends,
a few days ago someone told a story on the fml about her ferrets
stealing broccoli. she asked if anyone else had ferrets who like
it. i replied and said that yes, my murphy loves broccoli. today
someone wrote me and said that it's bad to give ferrets vegetables
because they can't digest them and it could cause a blockage.

i give murphy teeny tiny pieces and they always pass with his stool.
i have asked several local vets if it's ok to give him broccoli and
they said yes. however, they themselves will admit they are not the
most ferret-knowledgable.

IS the broccoli safe to give murphy in teeny tiny pieces? has anyone
out there had negative experiences such as blockages related to

i do feel that i am a very responsible pet owner. i take very good
care of my ferrets and they are beautiful, healthy, and happy. but
if i'm giving them something i shouldn't, i want to change my ways.
thanks so much,
vicky :)

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