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Date: 2001-03-15 14:23:00 UTC
Subject: Prof. colitis

Dr. Williams,

First, let me thank you for answering my questions.

In regards to his stool, it is mucousy and there's not a lot of it.
The vet
was considering Flagyl, but I don't think Muf or I would enjoy that
there, done that with another ferret!) It does sometimes have the
blood, as it is red and not dark. Seediness does happen, but I see
mucous everyday. He doesn't strain or cry out when using the

As for the taurine, I had gotten that through the Ohio State Vet
School. Our
vet had a prof there that he thought was more knowledgeable with
CHF. They
have their own pharmacy there. Our Sammers, who was on at least six
meds a
day, found the taurine most palatable ground up in the Ferretone. I
concerned about the lack of it in Muf's diet considering how
important it is
in heart health.

I have tried the "Muf Mush" as we call it. I grind up the kibble in
blender with some water. He has been turning his nose up at it so
Maybe now that he feeling better, he'll be more receptive to it.

I'll speak to my vet about the biopsy. I am just a bit nervous
about it.
Thanks again for your time.