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Date: 2001-03-15 14:44:00 UTC
Subject: Need help with insulinoma fuzzie

I have 2 ferrets in a foster home with one of my volunteers. This morning she
lost Bernie to pancreatic cancer. Now we've been having a problem with Bones.
He's been insulinomic for about 6 months and on oral dexamethazone. He seemed
to be doing fine on a once a day dosage. Then for some reason (argh) they
took him to a holistic vet who decided that dex was too hard on ferrets long
term, which I believe is an inaccurate statement. She put Bones on some alternative therapy that didn't work. They threw the bottle out and don't remember what it was
called. Anyway, they put Bones back on dex and he did well again. About a
month ago he crashed and we had a difficult time bringing him back. When she
brought him to me, he was lethargic and dehydrated. I gave fluids and more
dex and he came out of it. Per the vet's instructions, we then went to
medicating twice a day. He did fine for a while, but crashed frequently. His
dex was then increased from .2 cc to .3 cc 2 times a day. He's STILL
crashing. In the mean time.........the current vet is "doing some research"
to see if there's something else that could be used instead.
Meanwhile...........I want faster results. Any suggestions or insight into
what's going on? This ferret is only about 6-7 years old. Thanks everyone!


p.s. - Still looking for information on the differences in possible meds for
for lymphoma ferrets (injectible vs oral and brands)!