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From: Alexis & Jason Thonen
Date: 2001-03-15 20:39:00 UTC
Subject: update on cigarette filter eating ferret

we suspected 2 of our 7 of being guilty of stealing and eating a cigarette
filter inadvertantly left in the house... well, suspect #1 is eating,
pooping, and playing normal. suspect #2 has been *slightly* lethargic, with
*very slightly* loose stools. we have been giving laxatone and watching
closley and these were the only signs of a problem. today suspect #2 passed
an abnormally large stool, and being the crazy fert mom I am, I inspected it
inside and out, and although I can't be sure, it sure appeared to be a
partially digested filter. it was quite fibery and cylindrical.

immediately after pooping, he went crazy playing, much more playful than he
has ever been before. we think it must have been him, although he really
didn't show much sign of GI upset. he is also the one who regularly steals
things from pockets.

thanks for all the suggestions, and if anyone ever leaves cigarettes in my
house again I'll make them eat a filter! :P


"...And on his fourth album, Dave Matthews picked up an electric guitar. And
the masses cried."
-Entertainment Weekly on Dave Matthews Band's, "Everyday"

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