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From: Sue M.
Date: 2001-03-15 21:16:00 UTC
Subject: Re: [Ferret-Health-list] broccoli

Veggies are not necessary treats, and can be dangerous,
ESPECIALLY raw. My Rosa LOVED carrots. Stole a whole bag
of baby carrots, I searched, couldn't find it (and decided they have
interdimensional hidey holes...there weren't that many places to
put it!), I didn't think that she'd eat enough to be a problem...she
loves licorice too, but just stashes it, never eats it. Rosa didn't get
a blockage, thank goodness, but she did eat them, and it seemed
to have contributed to an ulcer that started bleeding one evening
and resulted in a frantic search for a vet when mine was on another
emergency call.

You don't want yourself or your ferrets to be in the habbit of seeing
veggies as something to eat. If they're just wild about veggies as a
treat, this is what I would food, or a home-made
variant thereof. Without the chunks of food, it won't block. But
make it a *treat* not (this is just my opinion) something every day
and not (in my opinion) more than a lick or two.

Remember that like humans, ferrets will love things that aren't good
for them. But *unlike* humans, they are not designed to be able to
handle fruits and veggies and nuts and seeds as a food source.
They're designed for meat. Treats of meat are probably best, and
save the sugary treats, the *cooked* veggies, and the fruits for
*extra special* treats if you feel you must give them.

Sue M.