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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-15 22:56:00 UTC
Subject: navigation of Blind, was Re: Calibrating the glucometer

>As far as the eyesight, anyone have any good advice for telling if the
>ferret is blind, and helping her to have a better time out of the cage?
>I know someone posted to the FML once about using vanilla to leave scents
>on the corner of the walls,etc. I was wondering what else I could do.


We have actually used multiple scents -- 2 each for different areas
of the house, one on each side. It may or may not help with
direction; seems to help. Putting scents on thing like hard edges
reduces banging into them. They seem to still smell them after we
can't. It's actually time for me to redo our's for Warp. Steve said
to tell you that when they are refreshed she runs all over happily
checking everything rather than being as cautious. Our bedroom gets
to be lemon and rose, while there are spice essential oil scents used
in most areas. Think that I want to get some more fruit scents to use
smells like cinnamon and orange for one room. Having too many spice
smells becomes overpowering in a small home. I don't use violet for
it because that is supposed to confuse the sense of smell.