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From: Coppandco
Date: 2001-03-15 22:58:00 UTC
Subject: Post - Adrenal Surgery - Some Questions

Hi - I am hoping for a bit of info about hair recovery post
adrenal surgery.

For back ground information two of my ferrets underwent
adrenal surgery on the same day (Feb 5/01). Both surgeries
were decided upon based on symptoms only. Slater was starting
to show signs of urinary retention with hair loss while Kali
only had the hair loss, no swollen vulva but did exhibit a
personality change. We call it her "I don't feel well mood"
which is her sudden need for constant attention (after 3
partial blockages when she was much younger - we really know
this mood!!). The male ferret, Slater, a four year old angora
has already started to grow back his hair. He had bilateral
surgery for adrenal carcinoma. The female ferret, Kali a very
healthy six year old, has yet to grow back any hair. Except
for the feet and head she is completely bald. Her energy
level is actually a lot higher now than pre surgery and she is
less "needy" and certainly does not want to held anymore. She
only had the right adrenal removed as my vet could not find
the left and it was not for lack of looking as she was out for
one hour before he decided that she had been under long

My vet is quite experienced at adrenal surgery so I am not
questioning his abilities. What I am curious about is: Is it
possible that a remnant of the right adrenal gland is still
affecting her and preventing her hair from rgrowing. And if so
- would Lupron be the best treatment. I will be bring Kali
into see the vet within the next week and I would like to have
a few ideas/treatment options to discuss with him


Rena - with five normal ferrets and one very bald female