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From: Kathy Maxwell
Date: 2001-03-15 23:42:00 UTC
Subject: Allergy Question

I wanted to get some general information on a food specific
allergy in ferrets.
Last night I tried to introduce my crew to something different
that someone had discovered-Dehydrated Minnows. I was a little
apprehensive because when I broke them apart they seemed too
dry and splintery (sp?). I thought I would give them just a
bit to start, and thank heavens I did. A few hours later one
of my ferrets began vomiting. At first I thought he ate to
fast and a piece of food got stuck, something that happens
once in a blue moon. But within a few minutes I realized this
was more than stuck food. I looked at his paw pads and they
had turned bright pink-almost red. He has been fine ever
since, eating, pooping normally, playing ect.
Does this sound more like an allergic reaction or a piece got
lodged somewhere in his throat?
Kathy and the Ferret Collective