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Date: 2001-03-16 04:19:00 UTC
Subject: spleenomegy...when is it benign and when not?

Guys my little girl is just now one year old ok (to me that is still a
baby and not a full grown adult...though I may be wrong in that). Her whole
side swelled... and is hard to me when palpitated. It became evident that
she had an enlarged spleen. It was confirmed by a vet and xray. Her poos,
and pees' are perfectly normal. She eats (but I dont know how much). She is
not tender etc.
She has one symptom. Complete exhaustion. She sleeps sleeps
sleeps...and I mean off by herself some, and not in a ball but on her side.
She comes out to play..and doesnt' dance. Won't dance. won't do her normal
nut thing where she chases and bites at invisible butterflies. But when she
is in the vet office of course her eyes are bright, she is curious and
rummages so she appears normal.
Question.. is this some thing that usually dissapears as oddly as it
appears? I am certain she does not have helicop. bacteria. I am wondering
can she just be fighting a slow virus (like we do with mono)? sigh. When
should I worry.... if at all?


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