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From: wsmith
Date: 2001-03-16 11:00:00 UTC
Subject: What could be better than a rice box & efficient medicine

Thank you for the replies on Toxoplasmosis and Canadian blood glucose
units, Michael Janke, Dr. Williams, Jerry Murray. Let's keep that whole
toxoplasmosis thing our little secret though, OK?

I just got back from a conference in Orlando - my last road trip until
after the baby is born, my husband is putting his foot down. I brought
back a tub with 1200 leggos in it (I know it will be a long time until the
baby can use them, but I had a good time playing with them last night. And
I wasn't the only one - the ferrets think they're the best thing since
sliced bread. They make so much wonderful noise when you play in them.
They dug and rolled in the box. Bean stayed in it for a half hour and
make it very difficult for me to find pieces - since she attacked my hand
everytime I reached in the tub!

Luggie is on prednisone and I'm seeing improvement in him already. He's
still not up for very long, but he seems much more alert when he's about.
He's on .06 cc twice daily - a tiny fraction of the little plastic
syringes. As much is left at the bottom of the syringe as goes in his
mouth. Any ideas? If he continues to improve, I think I'll call the vet
in about a week and ask about switching to a once a day dosage (he is not a
big fan of pred, even though it's banana flavoured).