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Date: 2001-03-16 16:55:00 UTC
Subject: How much Prednisone is too much and bland diet

Hi all-
I am new to this board. So far I have found it very informative. I
have a knowledgeable vet but always like to do research on my own,
too. My questions concern my two year old neutered male Bo.
Recently, Bo was diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease after my
vet found and biopsied an enlarged lymph node in Bo's abdomen. The
first thought was lymphoma but the biopsy was negative. We are
currently treating Bo with Prednisone(1/4 tablet every other day) and
Amoxicillin(.25cc every other day). I was wondering how long a
ferret can be on Prednisone with out serious side effects. And I
have also read(but my vet didn't prescribe) that ferrets with IBD
should be on a bland diet. Bo was for about two or three weeks after
surgery but is now on reg. food. What would be a suitable bland
diet? Bo has been on this treatment for about three weeks or so.
His stools are partly seedy-not as bad as they were-but still not
great. He has lost quite a bit of weight and doesn't seem to have
gained any back. I will be bringing him back and am considering
another CBC. Any thoughts? Thanks so much. Bo has me worried.