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Date: 2001-03-16 15:36:00 UTC
Subject: Re: # 66- Del. vet + Telazol.

I can recommend Dr. Morgan Dawkins in Wilmington, Delaware.
He was an author for the Exotic DVM magazine and is very good.
I suspect he would give one dose of lupron without a complete diagnosis.
Call him and see. (302) 998-2998

I have used Telazol. I don't think it is contraindicated in ferrets.
BUT like most animals ferrets seem to take a long time waking up from
the "valium" part of Telazol and that could be pretty scary. We have a drug
to "reverse" these effects but I suspect most private hospitals don't have it
that drug is fairly expensive. I don't use just inhaled drugs - I don't
think they give enough analgesia, and when i anesthetize a pet it is usually
to do something painful: and since I don't like them to wake up and say ouch
that hurts, i give them something to reduce the pain and i usually use
something first too to take away the edge and scariness of anesthesia

Benjamin A. Otten, DVM
Avian & Exotic Pet Medicine
The Animal Medical Center
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