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From: Ryan and Tracy Lant
Date: 2001-02-25 00:29:00 UTC
Subject: howdy - Casper Update and a question

Just thought I would say hi to everyone. And give a quick
Casper update.

Casper is recovering nicely from his Adrenal surgery 2 weeks
ago. His hair is already starting to grow back. He spent
last week at my friend Michele's and before I left he had 1/8
inch hairs growing in spots on his back and belly. His belly
is still bald mostly but I can feel fuzzy starting. His back
however has 1 inch long hairs all over it. I am taking this
as a great sign.

He is eating and drinking normal and wanting to play a ton

My question is how much play time should I allow him? His
stitches are out.