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From: Kate Ball
Date: 2001-03-16 22:08:00 UTC
Subject: Re: post adrenal Sx - some Q's

In regards to the 2 ferrets that both had adrenal surgery, I would be a bit
more patient and give the female a little more time to regrow hair (as long
as she is doing well in all other aspects of her health). Ferrets differ
individually in the rate at which they regrow their hair after the surgery -
some are extremely quick (a couple of weeks), others can take much longer.
I know it is hard to be patient, and when it doesn't grow back when we think
it should we tend to second guess ourselves (I've done it myself with my own
ferrets). It may be taking longer for her hormone levels to decrease after
surgery than your male's.
Kate Ball DVM
Lockport, IL
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