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From: Sukie Crandall
Date: 2001-03-17 00:06:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal/Insulionma Link?

Mike writes:
>I would definitely get your little girl used to eating Gerber's 2nd stage
>chicken baby food before surgery. She probably won't feel too much like
>eating right after surgery and it's easier to feed her this when she's
>already accustomed to it than trying to force an unfamiliar food on her when
>she doesn't feel like eating to begin with.

Yes, I agree with what Mike has written, and on the post-op thread
also remember some other tips: 1. avoid litters except for paper
ones or just plain newspaper afterward since they are cleaner for the
incision, 2. use a ramp pot or just plain newspaper to avoid the
ferret having to climb, 3. make sure the living situation is one in
which climbing can be avoided till the incision is healed enough, 4.
check the incision site a few times a day to watch for infection or
fussing with the stitches, 5. keep the ferret away from any animal
which may pull or stitches or be too active, 6. follow the directions
of the veterinary experts rather than the rest of us (including me),
7. take a good deal of time to slowly feed and to get a lot of fluids
into the ferret. (For feeding and getting fluids in we have found
that singing sometimes helps, jealousy can be useful, and just plain
taking as much time as is needed is essential.)