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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-17 00:47:00 UTC
Subject: RE: Adrenal/Insulionma Link?

Excellent tips but I stay away from regular newspaper. Initially, it's not
very absorbent and when they pee on it, it just puddles there for a while,
soaking their sutures if they're too weak to hold their belly up. I use
regular towels or multiple folds of paper towels with no litter box.


> Yes, I agree with what Mike has written, and on the post-op thread
> also remember some other tips: 1. avoid litters except for paper
> ones or just plain newspaper afterward since they are cleaner for the
> incision, 2. use a ramp pot or just plain newspaper to avoid the
> ferret having to climb, 3. make sure the living situation is one in
> which climbing can be avoided till the incision is healed enough, 4.
> check the incision site a few times a day to watch for infection or
> fussing with the stitches, 5. keep the ferret away from any animal
> which may pull or stitches or be too active, 6. follow the directions
> of the veterinary experts rather than the rest of us (including me),
> 7. take a good deal of time to slowly feed and to get a lot of fluids
> into the ferret. (For feeding and getting fluids in we have found
> that singing sometimes helps, jealousy can be useful, and just plain
> taking as much time as is needed is essential.)