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From: Mike Janke
Date: 2001-02-25 05:41:00 UTC
Subject: Re: howdy - Casper Update and a question

--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., "Ryan and Tracy Lant" <lant@a...>

> Casper is recovering nicely from his Adrenal surgery 2 weeks ago.
>His hair is already starting to grow back


> My question is how much play time should I allow him?
> His stitches are out.

I'm glad to hear Casper is already showing signs of hair growth. Two
weeks is pretty quick actually. It usually takes a bit more than two
weeks, but it also depends on how long the ferret has been adrenal
and therefore, how long the hair follicles have been inactive.

I usually use wait until the sutures are removed at around the 10-14
day mark before allowing normal activity. If Casper's recovery was
uneventful, he's ready to go back to his usual activities, unless
that includes launching himself from great heights.