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Date: 2001-03-17 05:03:00 UTC
Subject: Re; splenomegaly

My ferret had no tests other than an xray. The vet is a great guy, and had
the Hilyer book in his office, etc. He knows his basic stuff pretty
good....which in chatt tn is better than most small animal vets believe it or
If my little girl continues with this xtreme lethargy and splenomegaly... I
will take her for a cbc to begin with to see what her red blood cells are
doing and if the white blood cells are abnormal. In the mean time I'm going
to be searching for a more ferret savvy vet, and trying to educate the one I
have. I"m really hoping she is fightine some odd viral thing that has done
this. Last night with the bluish tint on her belly and how enlarged it was,
I was so worried. Yet this morning she woke up with a softer belly, and lost
most of the blue tint. She is still not herself, but at least is brighter
eyed, etc. I'll keep everyone informed.
Oh yeah what other tests should I ask a vet to do just to start with (i
realize if she gets worse or if this continues on to get a biopsy of her
spleen, etc)... besides a there anything else I should get just to
start off with. I don't want to rush in there so fast and do all sorts of
invasive tests on her. An enlarged spleen can happen to a ferret as young as
six months....its just not very common. And as everyone said... the extreme
lethargy to me is disheartening.


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