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From: katy fox
Date: 2001-03-17 13:13:00 UTC
Subject: swollen paw

I have a male MF ferret that had adrenal surgery in
Oct of 2000. We removed one and the other involved the
vena cava, that one was left untouched. At that time
he was put on lupron. Two days ago I notice that one
of his toes on his front paw was swollen. Twenty-four
later the whole paw is swollen. There is no sign of a
bite of any kind or any other injury. He shows no sign
of pain from the foot when it is pinched or when
walking and running. Doctors do any of you have an

Sometime ago I think I read on the FML that there was
a shelter that had a little guy how had something
simular and it tuned out to be lymphoma. I think they
even posted pictures on their web site. Dose anyone
remember this?

So please any help with this would be greatly

Thank You and God Bless

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