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From: G Kelley
Date: 2001-03-17 14:29:00 UTC
Subject: Crystals in the urine

Help, a member's ferret now 4 years old has presented for the
second time with a high fever and crystals in the urine. When
he got this last year, a course of antibiotics cleared it up.
The vet is saying the crystals are caused by the food the
ferret is now. He is on a course of antibiotics, but we want
to look at a cure so this doesn't come up again in another 9
months! The ferret is on Iams Kitten food with some Eukanuba.
From previous posts with male ferrets and bladder problems,
could this also possibly be adrenal? The ferret is not
presenting with any "classic" adrenal systems - just the
frequent urination due to his infection and the cyrstals. The
ferret mom doesn't want to change the food unless she has to
as her choices are limited. We don't get TF out here
(Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada). We can get Iams, Eukanuba,
Wellness Super 5 for kittens (comparable to Eukanuba) and then
the usual ferret foods. Any suggestions?
Manitoba Ferret Association