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From: kat parsons
Date: 2001-02-25 05:55:00 UTC
Subject: LOOK!!!...i have a question!!!!

hey y'all...

i was wondering....i know the benefits of a humidifier when running the
heater [or a/c] ...BUT!...

what is the difference / IS there a difference between a humidifier and a
vaporizer?...[other than the obvious of being able to add medication to
the vaporizer]...

do they do a different job?
or basically the same job of getting moisture back into the room?

i am using a vaporizer...put up...secured... so the ferrets can not pull
it down on themselves...and it seems to have almost completely stopped the
scratching i need one for downstairs!!!!...we are still
scratching down here!!!!


KITY=^..^=KAT and her KREW
Rascal, Sassy, Wolfie, Monkey, Meeja, PopPye,, Eddie, Narmy,
Sandi, Hope-HollyHeart, Noodles, Lucky & Princess Cissy...!!

Missing Marcel, LittleWhiteGirl, OldGuy, & Charlie, at the Bridge
the ferrets pages...

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