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Date: 2001-03-17 16:21:00 UTC
Subject: Re: Hair regrowth in post operative Adrenal ferrets

Just a thought that struck me: has anyone ever tried to correlate
the time frame for post-adrenal hair regrowth with season? Perhaps
by comparing the regrowth time frame with ferrets date of birth (or
at least season of birth), time of year when the hair loss began,
time of year when surgery was performed, etc?

It seems clear to me that hair growth patterns are tied to season (or
more accurately, that the hormonal processes responsible for hair
growth have seasonal triggers), and I have read how responsive
breeding jills are to seasonal changes/photoperiod. I'm curious if
the hair regrowth pattern might be similarly sensitive to season.

I'm not proposing major research here or anything <G>, but perhaps
if we could get enough numbers together (ferrets whose date of birth
and date of surgery are known precicely, and whose time of hair
regrowth was measured, for example), we might just see some
interesting patterns develope.

Considering that photoperiod is the actual trigger for seasonal
events in ferrets, and considering that American husbandry practices
don't necessarily follow natural photoperiods, the data might be
skewed, but I think it would still be an interesting statistical
exercise. Has anything like this been done?


--- In Ferret-Health-list@y..., Betty <eikondes@c...> wrote:
> I would agree with what has been said about the duration of
regrowth of
> hair in ferrets who have had adrenal surgery... every ferret is
> different . The way the hair comes back also varies from ferret to
> ferret. I've had them on both ends of the scale... Sammy, had a left
> adrenalectomy, who I swear sprouted hair the day after surgery, his
> sprouted up all over very equally. Spaz (bilateral adrenalectomy)
took a
> good 7 months to finally grow his, and his sides filled in before
> back or tummy. Bella is still trying after her bilateral and then
> adrenal surgery, but her previously bald tail is the most lush thing
> about her right now. I suspect that there may be other things going
> but I can see she is trying to fill in the bald patches on her back
> I've read of cases that took an entire year for hair regrowth after
> adrenalectomy.
> Betty and Her Blur O'Fur
> For the love of ferrets...