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From: E- Z Huston Jewell
Date: 2001-02-18 10:56:00 UTC
Subject: Hi

Thanks Christopher for offering a new forum, one without hassles and
without 200 posts a day about books and airplanes. I dont mind a little
off topic stuff but too much is too much. Dont have that kind of time.

I am EZ Huston Jewell and have 14 ferrets at this time, all rescues but
one. I am in Brightwood OR, near Portland. My husband and myself do
exotic animal rescue, not just ferrets. I also do exotic animal pet
assisted therapy in nursing facilities in Portland and surrounding
areas, the ferrets that I use are among the favorites of the residents.

I do have a question. Just got a 3 month old fert that some kid had in
his pocket and was a wrack of bones. A girl got it from the kid and fed
him up and he is fairly well proportioned now. Since I have had him, he
has either dislocated or broken his jaw. Have no clue as to how this
might have happened. Has been xrayed and isnt conclusive yet. He does
have 2 broken teeth also that will be fixed when the jaw surg is done.
You can move the jaw and it doesnt appear to hurt, unless the one canine
goes too far up into the roof of his mouth so his chewing is very gentle
but does like his crunchy food. The jaw will be fixed this week when it
is decided if broken or dislocated. (One vet has the xrays, he pissed
me off with his stupidity and wont give them to me or have the
radiologist specialist call the right vet, however, this will be taken
care of tomorrow. This is a very long story.) Now my question.....Do
you think this little guy, who is the absolutely sweetest guy, could
have had a spontaneous break because of the poor nutrition, ie lack of
calcium? Could I help buy giving some Calcium suppliment? How much
should he have? I am going to have the vet do a workup on blood to see
if he also could be missing anything else I need to replace. Do you
think Nutrical might help? Any other suggestions or comments