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Date: 2001-03-17 20:13:00 UTC
Subject: Re:Need help with insulinomic ferret & urinary tract
blockage question

Dear Dr. Williams, thanks so much for responding about Bones. I'll pass along
the information to the vet should he need it in the future. Unfortunately,
Bones was rushed to the clinic Friday night and he died this morning. My
foster home told me this morning at the pet expo. Apparently, Bones developed
a urinary tract blockage and did not recover after catheterizing him, etc...
I have requested a necropsy. I'm not happy.

It seems that every ferret I've seen at the vet with a urinary blockage has
ended up dead (not my own ferrets). The vet agrees that he doesn't have much
luck with these cases. So, my question is this: Is this a technique problem?
Inexperience? A condition that generally comes with a poor prognosis?

Kim Schilling

In a message dated 3/16/01 3:49:23 AM !!!First Boot!!!, writes:

> Another suggestion would be based on my personal experience. I have
> had far better luck reversing hypoglycemia with prednisone rather
> than dexamethasone. Not every steroid is created equal, and
> prednisone appears to have more significant effects on raising blood
> glucose than dexamethasone. Dexamethasone has more rapid effects on
> stabilizing blood vessel membranes, so is a better choice in treating
> shock, etc.
> Another possibility would be the addition of proglycem to the
> therapeutic protocol.
> With kindest regards,
> Bruce H. Williams, DVM, DACVP