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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-02-25 06:29:00 UTC
Subject: Hello/Introduction

Hi, just thought I would let everyone know I am here and a
introduction to those who do not know me.
I am Susan Malone AKA "Pegasus"... I am the shelter operator
of Ferrets
Unlimited Rescue Of Tulsa... and the owner of Fanciful Ferrets
By Pegasus.
Yes, I am a breeder AND a shelter and I will state up front,
that the two
"businesses" are seperate entities, I chose to breed frst but
opted to
rescue out of a sense of duty.
About me in brief: I have worked with animals in general since
1980 and with
ferrets since 1986. My experience ranges from dogs and cat to
working in
wildlife rescue with animals as small as orphaned baby
squirrels and
opossums to as large as full grown tigers and bears.
I have absolutely no formal medical or veterinary education,
all of my
knowledge comes from training/working with vets and handlers,
hands on
experience, reading, research and a LOT of listening to those
who know more
than I.
I have gratefully joined this list to have a place to ask
questions, possibly help answer some if I am familar with it
but more than anything to
soak up as much knowledge as possible to help enrich my care
of the rescues in my charge and my own pets and breeding