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From: Michael Janke
Date: 2001-03-18 17:05:00 UTC
Subject: RE: [Ferret-Health-list] Tooth poking lip


Beasley has had a "snaggletooth" since I don't know when. We got Beasley at
two years of age and his lower left canine stuck out at a bit of an angle.
I asked about the tooth on our first vet visit but the vet and I figured if
it wasn't bothering him and the upper lip (in which a pocket developed to
accept the tooth) wasn't inflamed or otherwise injured by the tooth, leave
it alone. Beasley is six now and the tooth or lip has never been a problem
that I have been able to detect.


> There is a ferret in a pet store near me whose lower fang is growing
> outward and poking into his upper lip. I have spoken to four
> different people from the store (including the store manager) during
> the past month and they have yet to bring him to the vet. I am
> thinking of asking to purchase him at a discount to get him out of
> there but I had some questions first. Do I need to be concerned of
> any other health problems caused by his tooth poking a hole in his
> lip; is having a fang removed going to cause him problems as far as
> eating; aside from having the tooth removed is he going to need other
> medical help (i.e. antibiotics) because of it poking into his lip? I
> may just try convincing them one more time to remove the tooth, what
> are some problems that this tooth will cause the ferret so that I can
> explain to the store the seriousness of this ferrets condition.
> Thanks,
> Michelle
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