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From: PackRatsRattery
Date: 2001-03-18 18:28:00 UTC
Subject: Introduction

Hi everyone!

I am new to the list and wanted to introduce myself! My name is Jess and I
have one ferret named Chloe. She is an albino and will be 5 months old on
the 25th of March. I've had her since Valentie's Day. What a sweetie she
is too! She is my second ferret; my first ferret Anja died about three
weeks ago and I miss her so much.

I have a couple of questions: First I am having a difficult time litter box
training Chloe. Sometimes she will use it, but sometimes not. What am I
doing wrong? Everytime she uses it I praise her and give her a treat.
Second, she is a nipper. What can I do to get her out of this habbit?

I am getting a companion for Chloe in a month or so. I am very excited.
She is a chocolate blazed.

Whiskery Kisses & Furry Hugs,
Jess and the PackRatsRattery
Girlie Ratties: Zena, Serafine, Talia, Winter, Lillith, Gwenyth, & Henrietta
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The Freaky Ferret: Chloe