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Date: 2001-02-25 06:13:00 UTC
Subject: fussy eaters and new food!

I have two fuzzys and have a constant battle with foods - but think
i may have won..

i started with Totally ferret, they ate it but after a few weeks they
turned noses as it, then came the IAMs kitten with TF Ground up -
again a few weeks and turned noses.
Now i have discoved one for kittens - its first ingrediant is
chicken meat, its got the corrects fat and protein amount, in fact
its better than TF.

For months they have been eathing a mix of 60% purina and 40% TF,
They have never looked better have great coats and so much energy..
heres some info from the back

Crude protein not less than ...........38.0%
Crude fat not less than ...............15.0%
Crude fiber not more than .............2.5%

Anyone else tried the Purina one for kittens?. and i would like
others opinions.


PS This is my first post here:)