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From: Carla Christman
Date: 2001-03-18 21:59:00 UTC
Subject: Revolution And Pepto

The first thing I wanted to mention is about
Revolution. Jerry, if you find out differently please
post so I can adjust my dosage. Since both cats and
dog are dosed at a minimum of 6 mg/kg, I have been
using the same guideline for ferrets. Therefore, the
0-5 lb cat size (15 mg) would work on almost all
ferrets. As the ferret came closer to weighing 5
ponds, I'd considering going with a larger size (or
dosage). I have used one of the dog sizes (the one
with 60 mg) on my four ferrets by measuring it out in
a TB syringe and dosing to get 15 mg on each ferret.
I don't think the company would approve, but it sure
cuts down on the costs.

The second thing I've been dying to ask is for Bruce.
Isn't there a reason why Bismuth is used in the
treatment of helicobacter? Rather than simply coat the
stomach, I understood it was actually making the
bacteria more susceptible to the antibiotics. Will
carafate do the same? Or did they find that the
bismuth was not important? There was an article in
Compendium that I saved on helicobacter - March 1997,
vol 19, no. 3, pages 267-279.

Carla Christman, DVM

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