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From: FurTulsa
Date: 2001-03-19 04:25:00 UTC
Subject: Premie Kits

I know this is not the proper format to announce births but I
feel this pic I got may be of interest from an educational
viewpoint. Many people hear about how important it is for
ferrets to carry full term and what a difference even a day or
two can make.
Today I had two jills give birth. One was perfect and had
carried for 43 days. The other a minimum of 2 days early.
Based on breeding dates she should have given birth between
Tuesday and Thursday.
This is not a good thing as it remains to be seen if all the
preemies will survive but I was also able to get an excellent
picture which illustrates just how much difference those
couple of days can make.
The picture at the following link is of one of the full term
kits next to one of the preemie kits. I don;t believe I need
to point out which is which.