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Date: 2001-03-19 05:29:00 UTC
Subject: Spayed and now she's nesting

History: A one year old Female ferret was turned over to us from
the local
Humane Society in the middle of Jan. She had her shots and exam.
Our vet
told us that there were no markings so to watch if she came in
season. She
came in season about the middle of Feb. She was spayed on the 17th
and all
has gone well except! Now she is nesting. She steals newspapers
and builds
a nest. I removed the newspapers and she came after me with a
vengeance. I
made a nice nest of sheets for her where the newspapers were (she
insist on stealing more newspapers). This little one name is
She loves her shelter dad and hides in his shirts (while he has it
sleeps with him and loves him. She use to like me, however since
nesting has been going on, if I come into the room she attacks.
Last night
she latched onto my arm and then my leg and would not let go.

When will this behavior cease? Is it a false pregnancy? Any help
from the
vets would be appreciated. She is a darling little girl but
currently not
adoptable due to this behavior.

Thank you
Chere McCoy
Shelter Mom, Ferret Friends of Indian River County Ferret Shelter